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Smart & Familiar

Select your project or job und create photos, audio memos or comments like you are familiar with from other apps. You do not need courses or trainings to get started. You can create projects and jobs on the smartphone on the fly. Even if you are offline.

Familiar handling

Favorites, Comments, Audio, Share

Mark photos as favorites to find them fast and easy for presentations or meetings. Add an unlimited number of audio memos and text comments to your photos. Share your media with others.

Photo actions


Modocu stores and synchronizes your media into the cloud. No more tedious copying, sending, hand over of photos, audio etc. Find more time for other and more valuable stuff.

Audio memos

Add an unlimited number of audio comments to your projects and photos on-site. Use them for your reports effectively.


Sometimes a text describes your problems more precisely. Add an unlimited number of text comments to projects and photos.

Projects and jobs

Select the project or job you are working on. You can also create new projects and jobs on your smartphone. No need to depend on others.

Filters and Groups

Modocu offers you to filter and group the data as you need. Filter and group by projects, jobs, users, media types, time and more.

Store and Synchronize

Everything is stored in the cloud. Available everywhere for meetings, presentations and more.

Insight to all your projects and media

You need not download and install programs. All the information of your projects is available within a browser. Modocu is supported by most modern browsers. Get the best experience with Google Chrome.

Manage projects and jobs

Manage jobs and projects

Easily manage and organize your projects and jobs. The job data gets synchronized to your co-workers smartphone.

Handle Contacts

Manage contact data for your specific projects.


Create reports and minutes

Save time and create reports and minutes with Modocu. Add photos easily and effective. Don't waste your time for layout tasks and searching for appropriate photos.

Synchronize media to a local server

Our synchronization tool enables you to replicate all the media from the cloud to your local server. All the media is stored in your local filesystem. Organized by project and by date. You can customize the structure and organization of the data according to your needs.

The tool is available for all major platforms.

verfügbare Plattformen
Cloud Services

Always available

Modocu provides all the Cloud services to get started. Get your data from the smartphone or the browser into the Cloud. Your data and information will be available from anywhere and at any time.

You have your own Cloud provider? The Cloud Services can be hosted within your private Cloud or within your own IT-Infrastructure. We will provide a preconfigured VM-Image to get started fast and easily (Enterprise License).

Mobile Documentation simple, smart and effective.

Create your account and get started.